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 • Worden Mold


This system uses sectional styro-foam forms that enable the stained glass crafts-person to reproduce Tiffany style lamps with relative ease. Reusable designs are now available printed on new patented Magic Strips which are easily pinned and removed from the form. Worden System lamp designs are available in packets. Each lamp design packet requires the correct corresponding universal Worden Form. Sold separately. (denoted by a P in catalog number).

The removable Magic Strips allow the construction of any lamp design using only one sectional form. Additional forms can be used if desired. Some packets contain extra Magic Strip sets for ease of construction. All of the form kits include a 16 page illustrated manual that provides all of the information that is needed for lamp construction as well as details on self lamp designing, cartoon drawing and pattern making, glass cutting patterns are provided and no leveling device is needed.


  • The catalog number indicates the approximate completed lamp diameter. The lamp depth should extend deep enough to enclose the proper wattage globe or opal ball. A rectangular incandescent bulb works best to bring out the colors of stained glass. For the larger 20-24” diameter hanging domes, a 250-300 watt bulb can be used. This will give adequate lighting for reading, games, etc. For accent lighting a light bulb of 15 or more watts will bring out the inner glowing colors of opalescent glass.
  • Opalescent or slag glass is the type of glass usually used in lamp construction. Small amounts of antique glass are used for highlights. The visual effects that the glass produces changes as the lighting varies.
  • Many of the deeper 16-24” hanging lamps, are designed for viewing from below, the upper portion consisting of a gridwork design. Other lamps are designed to be viewed from above and can be used as room accent lamps. They can either be hung low or used with bases as table or floor lamps.
  • All Tiffany studies and reproductions have a "T" printed after the name.
  • The other equipment and supplies that are needed in addition to Worden Form kits are available in this catalog.
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