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 • Glass • Uroboros

In the years since its founding, Uroboros has developed a reputation as a leader for developing the unique and most artistically inspired glass available in the decorative sheet glass market. Uroboros Glass products may be grouped into four distinct categories, as described below, and are found in top quality finished products and installations around the world.


Tiffany and Representational Glass

Tiffany and Representational glasses have been the primary product group at Uroboros for many years. Currently over 140 color combinations in eight styles are manufactured by Uroboros for this market. Styles include Ring Mottle, Streaky, and Fracture/Streamer. Six distinct textures are produced, including Granite, Fibroid, Drapery, and three types of Ripple. In addition, Uroboros' stunning iridescent coating is available for many items.

Fusible Glass

Uroboros manufactures "Tested Compatible" fusible products at two expansion points, 90.0 COE, and 96.0 COE. More than 75 products are produced in this category, including over 30 colors, six textures, and Uro-Lite(TM) 1/16" thin glasses. In addition, Uroboros' stunning (and fully fusible) iridescent coating is available on many items. Several manufacturers use Uroboros "Tested Compatible" glass as substrates for their vivid dichroic coating.

Architectural Glass

Six specialty textures make Uroboros' architectural glass some of the most interesting and exciting in the world. Manufactured in clear, black, and over 15 glass colors, these textures range from subtle to bold, and provide a refreshing variation from common commercial glass patterns. Uroboros' architectural glass is relied upon for uses ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction panels in the US (as shown), to "Tischkathedral" restorations in Europe, to insert pieces for door, furniture, and lighting fixture manufacturers.

Blown Glass

Uroboros' black or clear tested compatible glass is frequently used by dichroic coaters as a substrate for their exotic, colorful coatings. Because the expansion points are known and consistent, the resulting dichroic glass is the correct choice for blown glass decoration.

Both 90.0 COE and 96.0 COE expansion points are available for glass blowers, depending on the expansion point of the base glass in use. Uroboros' 90.0 glass is typically used when cullet is melted for the base glass, while the 96.0 is used when raw batch is melted.

· Fracture & Streamer
· Granite "65-XX"
· Granite Ripple "51-XX"
· Herringbone Granite Ripple
· Ring Mottle
· Smooth Ripple
· Streakies "60-XX"
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